Established in 2006 in the UK, the OMNIX group of companies has diversified into four divisions, incorporating OMNIX Software Solutions, QuoteRack, QuoteRack USA and QuoteRack Australia.

OMNIX Software Solutions offers full-service internet and software development expertise to clients across the UK and Ireland. Clients include insurance intermediaries, financial advisers and many other business types and sizes. The range of available products and services are shown in more detail on the OMNIX Software Solutions website.

QuoteRack has been operating in the UK insurance intermediary market for over 5 years and currently supplies thousands of insurance enquiries via the Internet to a wide range of specialist insurance brokers and financial advisers. Details of the QuoteRack service, as well as the current list of 250+ available insurance categories are shown on the QuoteRack website.

QuoteRack USA was launched across the United States in late 2009. With the experience gained from QuoteRack in the UK, the QuoteRack USA website is successfully generating insurance leads for insurance agents across the 50 States.

QuoteRack Australia launched in 2012 and offers our online insurance services to insurance agents, brokers and intermediaries across the country.

QuoteRack New Zealand is another new website, offering our services to insurance brokers, intermediaries and agents in New Zealand.

QuoteRack Canada completes the current family of international websites, offering our services to Canada-based insurance agents and intermediaries.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more details about any of the services available from OMNIX.